Copertina Gerosa Brichetto

RSA Gerosa Brichetto

Basic design for the management, maintenance and redevelopment of a healthcare residence with a surface area of ​​2,000 m2 with approximately 150 beds.

The building consists of 5 floors above ground, plus the attic, and 2 underground floors. The reinforced concrete frame structure has two centrally positioned elevator stairwells that delimit a distribution space that opens on the ground floor with the glass atrium, protected by an important shelter pierced by a skylight, and is repeated on the upper floors, creating a common space also used as a meeting place for guests. On the sides, the hospitalization rooms rise from the first to the fourth floor, above the common and day functions on the ground floor, in two diagonally symmetrical wings, forming a long “z” in the large relevant lot. Each wing (or half-floor) houses 15 beds, organized in double or single rooms, in addition to the assisted bathroom, the dining room, and the floor services.

The interventions proposed to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the tender notice concern: restoring the functionality of malfunctioning equipment and construction elements; the adaptation of the structure to the most recent regulations; improving the energy efficiency of the building and the functionality of the RSA.

In the garden there is a planned area to be used as a vegetable garden which was not yet used at the time of the inspection. The sensory garden offers numerous benefits and the possibility of treating various pathologies, including Alzheimer’s disease or senile dementia. For the garden a specific planning is necessary, with attention to accessibility for all people. In the lot belonging to the RSA there are large green spaces which, with limited extraordinary gardening, can be adapted to accommodate this function.

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Cadiai Cooperativa Sociale


Cadiai Cooperativa Sociale

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9.5 mln/€






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