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Felettino Hospital

BIM modeling of the final project for all systems (mechanical, water, ventilation, heating, electrical, and special) of the new hospital, covering an area of about 80,000 sqm. The new project envisages a building very similar to the old hospital but renewed, more technological, and adapted to new regulations with 8 floors, 506 beds, and an increase in the number of intensive care units. Felettino Hospital will also house 2 radiotherapy bunkers, 2 hemodynamic rooms, 10 operating theaters; 14 diagnostic rooms, and 67 clinics with the transfusion center, 20 beds dedicated to dialysis, the laboratories, 4600 sqm of technological plants above the cover and 1600 sqm of technological plants in the central ground floor where the cogeneration of electric energy through photovoltaic panels and the production of hot and cold water for internal equipment will reside. A technologically advanced hospital, environmentally sustainable, and organized to ensure functionality, efficiency, and transparency. An evolution from the previous project that maintains its geometry but responds to a 4.0 logistics. The building consists of four blocks arranged radially, identified from west to east with numbers from 1 to 4. The distribution of services reflects the needs of the users: services for the general public, outpatients, emergency, hospitalized. The design takes into account the CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) aimed at substantially contributing to energy savings.

Architectural project and renderings by Politecnica.

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ASL La Spezia


BMS Progetti

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175 mln/€




La Spezia


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Project by Isegno

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